A condition monitoring strategy for conventional engines to optimise emissions

Das renommierte Magazin "The Motorship" hat einen interessanten Artikel über das Reduzieren von Treibhausgasen veröffentlicht. Der Artikel heißt "A condition monitoring strategy for conventional engines to optimise emissions".

Dieser Artikel ist nur im englischen Original verfügbar:

Optimising the performance of engines has been identified as a straightforward method of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs of any seagoing vessel. While modern main engines are increasingly monitored 24/7 with an online system already provided by the manufacturer, the auxiliary engines are not always included and as a result can consume more fuel than necessary.

“The actual values of many diesel engines rarely correspond to the original settings from the shop or sea trial, which translates into performance losses,” explains Matthias Winkler, Managing Director of CM Technologies GmbH. “This manifests itself as increased fuel consumption, which increases operating costs. A poorly balanced engine often consumes up to two percent more fuel.”

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