Diesel / fuel oil density is the absolute relationship between mass and volume at a specific temperature. The SI unit is kg/m3 at a reference temperature, typically 15°C.

For diesel / fuel oils, density is required for quantity calculations and also to determine the optimum size of the gravity disc for the centrifuge. Diesel / fuel oil density also gives an indication of other fuel characteristics, including specific energy and ignition quality (CCAI).

From a commercial perspective, the measurement of diesel / fuel oil density is essential as residual fuel is supplied by volume but ordered and priced by weight. If the actual value is less than that stated, there will be a proportional shortfall in the quantity of product supplied. From a technical perspective, without density the incorrect gravity disc may be selected for setting the traditional purifier.

Density Analysis Products

Density Meter – is suitable for diesel and residual fuel oils and all mineral oils. It can be used to:

  • Quantity determination of fuel oil deliveries
  • Quality control - check whether the ordered fuel grade has been delivered
  • Density value can be used to calculate other indicators

Density Meter Pro -  does use the Archimedes principle and has following additional benefits:

  • does not need any hydrometers and measures all liquides
  • higher accuracy
  • the oil can be measured at any temperature as long as it is liquide
  • does measure and display the temperature of the liquid at the same time and converts the density automatically to 15° C.