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The releasenotes for each software are free to view. The access data to download the software can be recieved from CM Technologies.

Vibration Monitoring:

 Product-CodeProductDescriptionSize [MB] Date
 SW-C00001-VIB  Data Diagnostic Software (DDS)  Data Interpretation for
 Vibration Tools
 34.7 MB 01.11.2021 Releasenotes
 SW-C30002-VIB  VIB Route Downloader  Export or download routes
 from vibration devices
 2.2 MB 04.04.2019
 SW-C00005-VIB  Vibration Meter Loader  Programm to upgrade firmsoftware
 on Vabration Meter
 7.6 MB 04.04.2019  1.6
 SW-C30006-VIB  Animated Deflection Shape
 Software (ADS)
 Visualisation of equipment
 9.5 MB 04.04.2019  1.9.0
 SW-C30007-VIB  Virtual Unit  Virtual VA4 Device for data
 113,6 MB 28.04.2020 Releasenotes  0270
 SW-C30008-VIB  Firmware Vibration Analyser VA3 Pro  Firmware-Update
 13.3 MB

28.04.2020 Releasenotes

 SW-C30009-VIB  Firmware Vibration Analyser VA4 Pro  Firmware-Update
 37,3 MB

06.08.2021 Releasenotes

 SW-C30016-VIB  Firmware Vibration Analyser VA5Pro  Firmware-Update
 56,2 MB

06.08.2021 Releasenotes

 SW-C30013-VIB  Data Diagnostic Software (DDS) for
 Vibration Meter Marine
 Data Interpretation for
 Vibration Meter Marine
 13.2 MB 08.03.2017 Releasenotes
 SW-C00031-CT  Firmware Vibration Meter Marine  Firmware for Vabration
 Meter Marine
 0.3 MB 01.07.2016 Releasenotes  4.551
/  Firmware Vibration Meter  Firmware for Vabration Meter  0.3 MB 01.07.2016 Releasenotes  4.55
/  USB-Driver  for Data exchange  3.7 MB 21.02.2017  2.08.30


Diesel Performance Analyser: 




BeschreibungGröße [MB]Date
 SW-C00003-CT  W-PREMET® Software  Data analysis for
 All functions are now within the PREMET® Viewer
 SW-C30010-DPA  PREMET® Viewer executable without
 Data analysis for PREMET®s
 X, M, C and S/W
 3,9 MB 06.05.2021 Releasenotes  3.7.00
 PREMET® Viewer installer  5,0 MB
SW-C90100-DPA  PREMET® X Firmware

 Firmware für das PREMET® M


 2,0 MB 08.07.2021 Releasenotes  2.00
SW-C90200-DPA  PREMET® M Firmware  Firmware for the PREMET® M  1,7 MB 05.01.2020 Releasenotes  2.40


Oil Test Device:




Size [MB]Date
 SW-C00023-CT  Update Console  New firmware for the Console      
 SW-C00029-CT  Update TouchCell  New firmware for the TouchCell      
/  Driver Console  to connect the console with a
 computer via USB
 5,3 MB 17.03.2017  
 SW-C30014-CT  Export-Tool  upgrading the firmware for
 Console and TouchCell
 0,5 MB 06.04.2020  1.75
 SW-C00020-CDO  CDO Log Sheet  Logbuch the Drain Oil Test Kit  0,2 MB 28.06.2016  1.0