Testing lubricant samples for ferrous wear debris is an established method to detect developing and impending damages as well as gaining knowledge about the wear life cycle of the tested equipment. CMT´s newest addition to its product range - the Ferrous Wear Debris Meter -  is an accurate, easy-to-use solution for offline and at-line measurements of ferrous wear debris concentrations.

Gain the insight necessary to determine the condition of your equipment. Applicable for diverse applications from testing of used Cylinder Drain Oil of marine 2-stroke engines to monitoring wear of land based manufacturing machinery. The Ferrous Wear Debris Meter provides repeatable and accurate determination of ferromagnetic material concentration down to single ppm levels.

It provides a mass proportional output from any size or quantity of ferrous contaminant particles, even sub-micron particles Particle size does not affect the measurement (in contrast to spectrometric methods). Readings are unaffected by properties (dielectric) of fluid base, or additive package, or water content. Readings are straightforward and are presented in mass/volume standard nits,i.e.; mg Fe per liter, or PPM.

Your benefits:

  • unparalleled quick measurement
  • not restricted to one medium but everything that fits in the sample container can be measured
  • unaffected by particle size giving it an edge over lab methods and therefore excels in wear determination
  • easiest usage imaginable
  • no chemical component