Non Product Specific FAQ

Q: Where can I download software and manuals?

A: CMT does provide a download area for customers. Please login with your login details on the end of this page. If you dont have registered yet please do so first. After successful login you will see a new item on the bottom of the left hand menue called Download. There you will find software and manuals to download.

Q: Where can I get training on condition monitoring and related legislations?

A: Training and Seminars are held regularly at CMT’s premises and can also be delivered on-site for customers. Please visit the section Training and Seminars for more informaion.

It goes without saying that if you have our equipment and need our support, we will make it happen somehow.

Q: Can I ask for special products or branded goods?

A: CMT can provide a fully bespoke design service, which includes full branding for all your products including labels, packaging, manuals and training CDs. If you have something specific in mind, we would be very happy to discuss it with you.

Q: I’d like to report results as per ASTM, IP, ISO etc methods. Will this be possible?

A: Working to strict quality assurance ISO 9001 standards, all of our equipment is fully tested and correlated before being sent out to customers. All of our high-end equipment and much of the lower cost options use standard laboratory methods for correlation. Independent proof of these correlations is available from CMT, simply telephone: + 49 4121 700 890 for further details. Alternatively please use our contact form.

Q: Can I have just one or two options for specific tests?

A: Bespoke kits can be created to match any of your requirements. Choose from a wide range of different options already available, or ask our R&D team create an option that is tailored specifically to your needs. A huge variety of different test parameters and case options are available.

Q: I want a single source supplier but you only have 70% of what I need?

A: If it is achievable, we will do everything in our power to centralise your production. We have built our reputation on the creation of strong relationships with both our customers and suppliers, and remaining flexible to meet individual requirements.

Q: What is your policy if equipment breaks?

A: If there is a problem with one of our products, simply return it to us and we will be pleased to look at it. If it is a manufacturing fault we will fix it free of charge, as most of our equipment holds a manufacturer guarantee. If, however, it has been broken through mistreatment, we will mend it or supply a replacement, but you will be charged.

Q: What about calibration?

A: Functional checks can be performed on most equipment whilst in the field. We do however recommend that certain equipment (notably the electronic test equipment) is returned to CMT or our agent every two years for recalibration and overhaul.

We can provide a number of maintenance options to suit your particular needs and budget and would be very happy to discuss these with you. From an on-demand service, stock replacements and updates to the latest specifications to a complete overhaul and calibration contract, be assured that all equipment carries the same comprehensive guarantee, irrespective of which service option you select.

Q: Why are delivery costs high for some chemical reagents?

A: Some of our reagents are classified under IATA (air), IMDG (sea) or IRD (road) transportation codes. We provide packaging that has been tested and approved for use under the regulations to transport dangerous goods at no extra charge to the customer. However the freight costs are subject to standard dangerous goods charges and we are legally bound to declare the goods and pay this charge. Be assured that we make every effort to minimise the cost of transporting these hazardous goods, i.e. for delivering to airport uncleared only.

They need to clear the goods at customs.  It’s often the case. Pay the taxes

Q: My employees do not speak English but need to understand the equipment instructions?

A: Many of our instruction manuals are available in a range of different languages. If you have any particular requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to help. Please use our contact form and we will come back as soon as possible.