The Combined Oil Condition and Moisture Sensor goes beyond the normal protection systems.

It is a permanent sensor for the continuous determination of the oil condition, humidity and temperature in hydraulic and lubricating oils. It permanently monitors dissolved water and oil quality at the same time. It puts you in control of your lubricant. You know exactly when to change the oil based on condition, not on historical schedules.

Monitoring of changes in hydraulic fluids and lubricants are essential for condition based maintenance. Data is continuously documented evaluated and stored. In that way deterioration and changes in the oil (e.g. water leakage, oil change, ...) can be indicated.

Through this, damage can be recognized or completely avoided at an early stage. This offers the opportunity to prevent machine failures as well as to prolong maintenance and oil change intervals by means of appropriate measures. Furthermore, by monitoring the lubricant, correctly performed maintenance work and the use of the required lubricant quality may be documented.

By using the sensor different changes of the oil condition can be detected. Providing a % relative humidity, condition of the oil and temperature values. Now you can monitor main parameters real-time. The sensor can be mounted within any lubrication system on any type of machine. The sensor measures the oils percentage Relative Humidity, resulting from the dissolved water within the lubricant, using a combination of proven thin film capacitance sensors, combined with smart algorithms to provide a temperature, oil condition and % RH value.

Whether it is to check the health of the machine, or an alert of changing moisture ingression rates, the new developed combined sensor provides instant information, complementing your existing laboratory oil analysis programme, and helping you make informed maintenance planning decisions.