About CMT

The market-leading company for maintenance equipment from northern Germany


CM Technologies GmbH was founded in 2003 and has been developing, manufacturing and selling condition monitoring systems for shipping and industry ever since


CMT has become one of the world's leading providers of test and monitoring technology. As experts in machine health monitoring, fuel and lubricant analysis, and water testing, we pride ourselves on our investments and our commitment to nurture our talented team of people to develop innovative technical solutions that give our customers a real advantage.


We see the key to further growth, on the one hand, in the offshore gas and oil market and, on the other hand, in shipping and the associated industry, in order to expand and improve our product lines there. It is obvious that in times of rising energy costs and economic uncertainty, immense costs can be saved by ensuring durability and reliability. CMT helps you achieve this. With the help of our constantly growing professional competence and the ingenuity of our committed employees, we also expect substantial growth in the years to come.

Founded in

Since its founding in 2003, CM Technologies has developed into one of the leading providers of monitoring technology. Over time, our own devices have brought us to the forefront of the market. The cooperation with our customers has always helped us on the right path in order to be able to meet the needs of the market.



In 2003 CM Technologies GmbH was founded and worked for Kittiwake order processing.




After the takeover of Kittiwakes from Parker, the Elmshorn location remained and founded CM Technologies GmbH.



After LEMAG GmbH went bankrupt, CMT took over the PREMET brand and has continued to develop it since then.



First Patent

CMT's development patents a unique approach to determining iron levels in oils.



Thanks to increasing growth, we are moving into our new company building in Glückstadt.




New CMT Building

Schmiedestraße 15, Glückstadt




Continuous growth has brought CM Technologies to ever new challenges since 2003. Now that we have reached the limits of our rental property with over 30 employees. We have been building our new building in Glückstadt since November 2021.


With the future of CMT, we also have the future of the world in our sights. Many of our products aim to make shipping more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly. In addition, we also help with our devices to be able to easily comply with new legal situations. We also want to continue innovating in order to make most of the world's logistics more environmentally friendly.