Pressure and temperature calibration

Only properly calibrated equipment provides reliable values for the correct analysis and subsequent actions.


Update the precision of your devices by calibrating them in regular intervals, to always be on top of standards.


The calibration devices are designed so that each member of staff can ensure the accuracy of their devices.


Recalibrating older devices saves a lot of money compared to buying a new one. Alternatively, CMT also offers a calibration service.

Calibration of measuring devices is very important to guarantee precise results even a long time after manufacturing. Most devices will suffer from degradation of accuracy over a longer period of time. CMT offers an inhouse calibration service or alternatively devices for the calibration of pressure and temperature measuring devices on board. They are available as standalone or in a combined kit.
The Temperature Calibrator is a true calibration with no simulation. It works with a dry heat block and no liquids are required for stabile and accurate heat measurements. Therefore, the stability of the Temperature Calibrator is as low as 0,1%. The range enables calibration of devices from 30°C - 650°C and is heated for measurements within 14 min.
The Pressure Calibrator also operates with true calibration. The device can be fine adjusted with the valve on the site. With a complete sealed system, the Pressure Calibrator can keep compressions from -0,8 to 60 bar stable.
Different adapters can be used with many different fluids to calibrate a huge variance of devices. The pressure is generated with a handpump, so no external compressor is needed. The size makes it perfect for every calibration on board and the simplicity enables the use by every crewmember.
The PM205 is a microprocessor controlled, accurate and versatile digital pressure measuring and calibration instrument with integrated fast peak-, max.- and min.- function.
The PM205 is supplied with an internal battery with 1000 hours continuous operation in MANO-Mode, guaranteed by the AUTO SWITCHOFF function.
This digital pressure gauge finds its specific utilization in marine industry, onboard ships and mobile offshore units and in general manifold industrial fields.


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Your Benefits

  • Onboard Calibration of equipment
  • more precision for measurements
  • More efficiency with accordingly calibrated equipment

Ordering Information

Temperature Calibrator TC65M
Range: 30 - 650 °C
Pressure Calibrator PM205
Range: (-)0,8 - 60 bar
Calibration Kit for TC/PM
Calibrators Temp./Pres. Combination
Combines all of the above incl. case