Automatic Fuel Sampler

For systems in negative pressure, an automatic sampler can take representative samples.

Wide variety

With various adapters, any form of cubitainer or sample bottle can be used.

ATEX Safety

The automatic fuel sampler works without electricity only with compressed air.

The Automatic Fuel Sampler is connected to the main bunker line by a pipe fittings for the permanent installed version. After start it will automatically sample into the cubitainer and stop after the preset bunker time.

The sampler can sample into all size bottles or cubitainers. On special request we can provide a version which can sample into up to 5 individual sample bottles simultaneously or in a sequence. The sampler can be installed next to the manifold on a wall or right on the mainfold.

The standard version works as time proportional sampler ensuring a representative sample.For applications with changing flow rates we also offer a flow proportional version.

Because of ATEX regulations the sampler does not use electricity. All our samplers are pneumatically driven with normal working air between 6 and 8 bar. The samplers can be used under all weather conditions. All fittings are made from stainless steel AISI 316, designed and produced to survive in a harsh environment.

Automatic Fuel Sampler Typ 50

The waterproof sampler is equipped with a flushing tank and made of stainless steel. It does have a DNV type approval and complies with MARPOL Annex VI.
The sampler is also available as a wall mounted version.

The heavy duty sampler can be installed right on the manifold. It is fully pneumatic driven with bunker timer and does have an automatic stop function. This model is also produced in a low temperature version

Automatic Fuel Sampler Typ 70

This very advanced Automatic Fuel Sampler, which can sample into 4 bottles simultaneously, is very popular on bunker barges but is also used on merchant ships.

The sampler can sample under all conditions even with very high negative pressure in the bunker line and does give you four most representative samples. This sampler is optional also available for 5 bottles. The sampler is also available as a vertical wall mounted version.

In addition to the Type 50 specification it does come with a circulating pump to have a heating functionality. It does also have a DNV type approval and complies with MARPOL Annex VI


Product info

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Your Benefits

  • High flexibility and reliability.
  • Simple integrated flushing system for cleaning
  • The sample container is always full at the end of the bunkering
  • No overflow!
  • MARPOL and MEPC.96(47) compatible.
  • Actual time or flow proportional sample
  • No Electricity = No ATEX issue

Ordering Information


Automatic Fuel Sampler Type 50
Size: 350 x 250 x 500 [mm]
Weight: 15
Material: AISI 316

Automatic Fuel Sampler Type 70
Size: 600 x 600 x 600 [mm]
Weight: 35
Material: AISI 316