Vibration Simulator

Quick measurement system inspection


Assurance that the investigation system will work when you start a damaged engine.


The Vibration Simulator works with any device in the CMT Vibrations range.


Cables are subject to a lot of stress on board. Secure the exact signal transmission with known values.

The VIB Simulator device behaves like a standard ICP® acceleration sensor with a sensitivity of 100 mV/g. The unit generates precise amplitude levels on 80 Hz and 8 kHz frequencies. The Vib Simulator enables the user to check measurement precision and functionality of analyzers, vibration meters, protection and monitoring systems.

Connect any vibration meter or analyzer to A4802 Sensor Simulator and check whether it measures correctly. The Sensor Simulator generates stable voltage signal on 80 Hz and 8 kHz. Setup your device to 100 mV/g input sensor sensitivity and you should see value of 10 mm/s in velocity measurement and 0.5 g in acceleration measurement.

Sensor simulator is a great help for measurement systems cables and connectors inspection. There is a trouble if the LED indication blinks while you are stressing the cable or its connectors. It is a sign of bad connection between analyzer and Sensor Simulator.

  • MIL2 and BNC connection
  • Stable signal on 80 Hz and 8 kHz
  • Battery operated / USB charged
  • Compact size

Simulates acceleration sensor

generates stable signal


Check ANY vibration meter / analyzer

do they measure precisely?


Inspect cables and connectors

be sure about smooth data transmission


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VIB Simulator
Simulates one standard sensor
100 mV/g