List of Procedures

In accordance with Article 30 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GD-PR), the following is made known to everyone about the procedures used for the automated processing of personal data::


Name of the responsible site:

CM Technologies GmbH



Matthias Winkler


Representative Head of Data Processing:

Uwe Krüger


Address of the responsible site:

Schmiedestraße 15
25348 Glückstadt, Germany


Purpose of data collection, processing or use:

The object of the company is the provision of services in connection with testing and measuring equipment for ship and industrial plants in particular also the production support, takeover of part or complete productions, sales support as well as all related services.
The collection, processing, transmission and use of data is only for the purpose of performing the aforementioned purposes.


Description of the group of persons concerned and the related data or data categories:

Customer data, employee data as well as data from suppliers and other business partners, if these are necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes stated under 4. above.
Upon request, we will be pleased to inform you about the procedure in which your data may be stored and what the data is.


Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data can be communicated:

Public authorities in the case of priority legislation, external contractors in accordance with § 11 BDSG and external and internal bodies to fulfill the purposes specified under 4. above.


Rule deadlines for the deletion of data:

The legislature has issued various retention obligations and deadlines. After expiration of these deadlines, the corresponding data will be routinely deleted. If data are not affected by this, they will be deleted if the purposes mentioned in section 4. are omitted.


Planned data transfer to third countries:

A transfer to third countries is not planned.


Corona Protection Ordinance

In accordance with the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, we are obliged to collect address data in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 c DSGVO.