Oil is used in various crucial different applications and has different important tasks to fulfil. Lubrication oil is used to avoid friction between moving parts and therefore to avoid wear or damages.
Hydraulic oil is used to transmit forces and the hydraulic systems are used in nearly all industries. Oils are also expected to cool or to avoid contaminations which would cause harm to the engine. Oils in modern equipment are complex and expensive liquids. It is therefore important to understand and maintain the oil. Oil can tell us long stories about the performance of the equipment.

Lube oil is the life blood of your engine!

Training Topics

  • Introduction.
  • Basics about tribology.
  • Friction, wear and lubrication.
  • Changes of oil during the lifetime.
  • Sampling and sample handling.
  • Trend analysis in laboratories.
  • Interpreting of results.
  • Onsite testing – blessing or burden.
  • Frequencies of testing.

Target Group

  • Sales personnel of mineral oil companies
  • Technical application engineers
  • Technical crews from seagoing vessels
  • Technical superintendents
  • OEM and component producers
  • Service providers in the area of lubrication, lubricants and tribology


  • Participants: max. 12
  • Location: Training Centre Elmshorn or on-site
  • Duration: 1 day 9:00 – 17:00


  • Training held by industry professionals
  • Modified training content on request
  • Hot lunch
  • Non-alcoholic beverages & snacks during training
  • Training documents (printed and on a USB Flash drive)
  • Certificate of participation