An optical control of the components is made possible by "freezing" the movement.

Bright Lights

For an effective implementation, the light must be strong enough to bring the focus to the mechanical part.


Visual control of fast-moving machine parts is impossible without timed flashes of light.

The stroboscope  represents the unique innovation in the handheld vibration equipment. A high intensity LED is being used. The Stroboscope is very handy for inspection of rotating or moving machinery (belt, fan, coupler…). For example, missing screw can be seen without stopping the machine - can be a big cost saving. The device can automatically detect the rotating speed of the machine and freeze the movement by setting its flashing frequency the same as the rotating parts. Frequency can also be set manually.

The stroboscope enables to ostensibly stop rotating or generally periodic (reciprocating) motion of a machine. It allows also to find out the speed of rotation or to perform synchronized measurements without having to use reflective markers on the shaft. The Stroboscope uses three ultra-bright LEDs with optical system as a source of flashes. The device is equipped with a colour graphic display and 3 operational buttons.

Operation is very easy and intuitive. Two standard or rechargeable AA batteries are used for powering. The Stroboscope can be used also as a tachometer by connecting an external speed probe.


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