Drip samplers use disposable ‘cubitainers’. These hold the oil sample before mixing and transfer to the sample bottles and keep out all external contamination.

Valve Seal

Some authorities, for example the Port of Singapore, require that the sample flow rate is fixed throughout the bunkering period. The Valve Seal device can be fitted to the sampler to ensure the setting remains the same throughout the bunkering.

Cubitainer Adapter

The Cubitainer Adapter allow to use CMT Cubitainers on bunker samplers from other manufacturers like DNVPS. Other version to use the CMT drip sampler with customized sampling container are available on request.

Sampler Gauge

On bigger vessels the oil often falls several meters down from the ships manifold into the fuel oil storage tank. This can result in unusual pressure conditions. The pressure often becomes negative. A gauge is available for monitoring this to prevent the sample being drawn back into the line.

Elbow Kits

For alternative positions CMT does provide a special elbow kit to position the sampler at an angle to the vertical. Elbow kits allow to keep the cubitainer bag hanging vertically.

Sample Bottles

CMT produce a range of HDPE and PET sample bottles for fuel oil and lubricants. They are designed to allow sampling hot oils. Sample Bottles are supplied in following sizes:

  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 120 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml 

Complete sample bottle packs including special mailing boxes and label for shipping the samples to the laboratory are available as well. The Fuel Oil Sample bottles are all sealable for tamper evidence. 

Sample Bottle Labels

CMT does provide self adhesive, pre-printed labels for fuel or lube oil samples. Lable for bunker fuel samples are according MARPOL regulations.  

Clear Over Labels

Clear self adhesive, over labels to protect label and user annotations.


Sample Extraction Tube (LDPE)

Clean LDPE tubing for the CMT vacuum sample pump which can be used with most oil systems. Supplied in 15 meter rolls allowing you to cut to the length you need. For lubricants CMT does provide a 100 and 50 ml sample bottle which could be used with the vacuum sample pump.