Water in Oil

Notice water contamination fast and reliable to avoid corrosion.


The modern test cell from CMT operates with an Touchscreen and an intuitive softwear.


The intern memory is used for recording the trend analysis, which can as well be made at an extern computer.


After buying the Test Cell, following tests can be made with replacement reagents. They can be ordered on short notice.

Detecting Water ingress quickly and reliable

Water contamination causes multiple problems in lubricating oils, although corrosion is always directly associated with water ingress. Whatever the equipment, water can displace the oil at contacting surfaces, thinning the lubrication film and activating surfaces which may themselves act as catalysts for degradation of the oil. The water content is an important indicator in many oil systems because of its potential to cause failure via a number of mechanisms. Water contamination within oil storage tanks can lead to microbiological growth, forming yeast, mould and bacteria that will clog filters and very rapidly corrode fuel systems.
Water contamination in lube oil systems may originate from:

  • Leakage from oil coolers, charge air coolers and steam heating coils
  • Condensation of atmospheric humidity
  • Blow-by gases from diesel engine combustion spaces or past compressor ring packs
  • Leakage at tank vents (especially those exposed to weather)
  • Coolant jacket leaks through cracks or seals
  • Contamination from top-up oil (especially in systems with a low tolerance to water)

Products for Water in Oil Testing 

CMT's Oil Test Kit range takes care of your routine analyses and that while economically priced, with a high level of accuracy. Oil test kits are a valuable condition monitoring tool enabling you to make informed operational and maintenance decisions about your critical plant and equipment. The ability to test on-site at the point of use enables engineers and facility managers to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can identify potential problems, before they become critical.

Replacement reagents can be ordered on short notice and come in packs giving the user all they need to perform the tests. Water in oil refill packs are not classified as hazardous for transport. A Test Kit Cleaner is provided for easy cleaning after using the CMT devices. Complete spare cells are available for all tests.


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Your Benefits

  • All parts (sensor, display, battery etc.) can be exchanged when needed.
  • Now 30% bigger backlit display for better visibility
  • solid rugged metal housing for higher durability
  • multiple ranges for exact readings
  • multilingual software
  • no hazardous reagents needed
  • undercut in the bottom to assist in dosing the chemicals for all tests

Ordering Information


Electronic Water in Oil Test Kit
Range: 0 - 1500 ppm,
            0 - 6000 ppm,
            0 - 1 %,
            0 - 5 %
Accuracy: +/- 0.01 % free water
Weight: 490 g
Test Time: 5 minutes
Reagents: non hazardous
Memory: last 10 readings for each individual oil

Water TouchCell

Set of O-Rings for TouchCell

Download Option TouchCell
License for data download