Water in Oil Sensor

Live measurements of the water condition in any system.


With special temperature-stable circuits, stable results can be delivered even under difficult conditions.


The results are displayed in real time. No time is spent on sampling or manual testing.

Water and oil don't mix! This is well known. And yet, water is still the most common contaminant in lubricating oil and causes another one of the problems.

The water-in-oil sensor provides highly accurate online measurements of the absolute water content of your oil and works even when the oil is old and dirty. The sensor allows you to detect the ingress of water and immediately counteract the problem. A temperature-stable circuit ensures that the sensor delivers precise, repeatable and reliable real-time results even under the harshest conditions.


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Your Benefits

  • Quick action when water content rises real-time access to test results;
  • No waiting time for sample analysis
  • Reduces downtime with online monitoring
  • Provides representative results of the oil
  • Increases the life of machines and oils
  • Simple retrofitting and easy operation

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CMT Water Monitor