Routine wear metal analysis of machinery lubricants provides early warning of impending faults. Especially the Iron content is being used to determine the wear life cycle of tested machinery.
This is especially true for testing the Cylinder Scrape Down Oil of Marine 2-stroke diesel engines. Also in many Industrial applications Iron is the main wear indicator.
CM Technologies offers different technologies for testing Iron onsite incl. application specific test assemblies.

As application specific test CMT offers the Electronic Iron II Test Kit for the Cylinder Scrape down Oil.
Monitoring of the iron content in the cylinder drain oil and the launching of remedial actions in due time can help to avoid cold corrosion and unnecessary abrasive wear in the cylinder liner.
Continuously improved and now in its second release the revolutionary and innovative test has been patented
and been supplied to well over a thousand vessels sailing all over the world.

CMT´s Ferrous Wear Debris Meter (FWDM) is an accurate, easy-to-use solution for offline and at-line measurements of ferrous wear debris concentrations
either for Marine or industrial applications.

The FPQ Ferrous Debris Monitor provides Iron wear PQ Index readings of lubricant or grease samples. The PQ Index is an established part of a modern
oil or grease lab report and is generally recognized as excellent wear indication.