MARPOL Storage

All samples and spares can be conviniently stored in one place.


The cabinet can be conveniently mounted on a wall to make the best use of the available space.

MARPOL 73/78

Designed to comply with regulatory requirements in sampling.

The CMT MARPOL Bunker Cabinet is a complete unit providing everything needed to comply with the IMO MARPOL regulations. It is a “non-brainer” unit containing everything for collection, retention and storage of bunker fuel oil samples according the IMO MARPOL regulations.

MEPC.96(47) defines the bunker sample collection and storage. Guidelines have been defined which state that "a retained sample of all fuel oil as supplied, is drawn at the ships receiving manifold, sealed, signed and then retained under the ship's control until the subject fuel has been substantially consumed, and for at least 12 months from the date of delivery".

All fuel samples can be collected, sealed and stored in a safe, secure location and are ready for immediate inspection by Port State Control if required. The Bunker Fuel Sample Log Book enables the Master to maintain a simple and effective tracking system for fuel samples held onboard.


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Your Benefits

  • All equipment is contained in a robust, fully lockable metal case allowing safe and secure sample storage.
  • Everything you need is provided to ensure that your fuel samples are compliant with IMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI regulations.
  • Supplied with log book to record your fuel sample details.
  • Replacement consumables and a full range of drip types or automatic bunker samplers are easily available at short notice.

Ordering Information


MARPOL Bunker Cabinet
- 40 Sample Bottles and Mailer Kit
- 45 MARPOL Fuel Sample Label
- 45 Clear Adhesive MARPOL Over Label
- 40 Seals for bottles and sampler
- 24 Cubitainer (5 litre)


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