Many thanks to the Europort 2021 and everybody who made use of an in-person fair. 

The Europort 2021 was close to 20.000 visitors.
Complying with local regulations 800 companies were present and spread news about their products or enjoyed personal conversations.

If you missed your opportunity to inform yourself about our PREMET range or other products our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view always available.








We have taken a first big step in the progress of our new building.
On November 9th, 2021 the groundbreaking was carried out by our managing director Matthias Winkler, his family and other involved parties.

At the event in the Schmiedestrasse 15, many CMT employees, companies linked in construction, as well as future neighbours and representatives of the city, were able to get an overview of the planning, the property and the surrounding area. A small bite was also provided.

We will keep updates on the new headquarters here. 

Last week an employee retired.


Granted, but still sad we all had the chance to say goodbye to one of the big influences on the PREMET line at CMT.
The CMT Team is thankful for a great colleague and the nearly unlimited knowledge he brought into the company. We wishe him all the best for the longest vacation.


In cooperation with USC-Bankrug, a North German shipping consortium, we have put together an experience report of the advantages of the usage of the PREMET® M with the PREMET® Cloud. It showcases the immense potential of this combination and the help it provides for the management of a whole fleet of Marine vessels.

Find all the information in the case story Case Story.










The Covid virus had a severe impact on all business activities and the private life of everyone. We are glad that
due to the currently stable situation we can and will participate in the Europort exhibition in Rotterdam.

We would like to invite all of our customers to visit our stand for updates and news about us and our product range. It hasbeen a rough time and we are really looking forward meeting you in person again!







Since the company was founded in 2003, CMT has enjoyed steady growth. In order to ensure our good service, the development of high-precision products and reliable shipping, we are now building our own headquarter.

After extensive research, our managing director Matthias Winkler found a suitable site and on September 20, 2021, closed the sale on-site with Mayor Manja Biel and Manager for Business Development Sybille Weinmann-Klinkow. By the end of next year, CM Technologies will have moved to Glückstadt.

Glückstadt is a small town, roughly 17 km from our current location, on the Elbe. Each of our visitors from the SMM will know the speciality for which Glückstadt is best known. Our popular matjes rolls come from there.

We are happy to provide information about further news about the construction and look forward to our new company headquarter.


Here you can find the german press release from the city.

A happy announcement: We have partnered with DSI ltd.

With DSI, CMT has brought another valuable agent on board. DSI supports the coverage of the USA and Canada. Over 35 years of experience in condition monitoring provides our customers with competent advice and great service.

More information on locations and coverage can be found in our Dealer Network.

About DSI: Since 1982, DSI has provided high-quality tools and supplies for the on-site field testing of lubrication oils and fuels. Their products include a wide range of premium, industry-recognized fuels and oil testing kits, sample bottles, mailers and containers that meet the needs of oil analysis labs, lubricant suppliers, marine and industrial companies around the globe.

DSI has a long and proven track record of working with industry-leading companies and is very proud to join the CMT network and offer CMT's condition monitoring technology to their customers.

A flood of the century in July 2021 devastated or severely damaged many localities in RP and NRW.

We at CMT empathize with the victims of this tragedy and
have supported the reconstruction with a donation.

Many memories and personal belongings have been lost,
but we would like to encourage you to financially support
the reconstruction and psychological support. 
You can find
all the information about this at "Aktion Deutschland hilft".

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has lost loved ones.

The employees are the most important asset of a company.

The training of our employees is crucial for CM Technologies. In addition to training and further education, it is also about training new employees.

The "Ausgezeichnete Nachwuchsförderung" proves that CMT provides consistent, high-quality education for our trainees. CMT received the award from the Employment Agency during the "Woche der Ausbildung 2021" this year.
In our county, we now belong to a small circle of companies that have received this special award.
We feel very honored, especially having recived the award during the complicated last year.
Click the picture to see our certificate.

25 years ago the first generation of electronic PREMET® devices was introduced and it started the success story of the PREMET® Diesel Performance Analysers.

Repairs and calibration for the 1st generation have become very difficult or impossible and a design fault on the PCB does not allow a reliable calibration anymore.

Therefore CMT will stop to support these devices with effect from now. We urge every user of these devices to get in touch with us to discuss how to proceed.












CMT is currently working on a project for the early detection of liner scuffing.
During operation abrasion from unlubricated metal contact can quickly become a great problem with great financial damage. Reports out of the industry are indicating that the number of such incidents may greatly increase with the usage of the new low Sulphur fuels. In cooperation with MAN, Paul Gunton has published an interesting article for Shipinsight regarding that topic. MAN noticed that engines using new 0.5% sulfur fuels show increased liner scuffing.

Since the marine industry has to tackle this problem, we are working on a technical solution for the detection of such events. We are currently looking for trial partners out of the Marine industry and are welcoming anybody to get in touch with us.
If you are interested in becoming one of our project partners, please contact our technical department

For better coverage of Portugal, Spain and Angola CMT has named Atlasmission as our new agent.
Atlasmission will help you with information and recommendations about our products and
will be the sales contact for the above mentioned areas.

More information on locations and coverage can be found in our Dealer Network.

The Sulphur Cap has been impacting the Marine industry strongly and countless new unproven fuel blends now are on the market. An article from Exxon Mobil provides crucial information gathered in their MobilServ℠ laboratories. It shows how the first months under the Sulfur Cap 2020 have impacted lab results. According to the newsletter important lube oil and fuel parameters have developed against predictions and can cause massive problems to the operation of vessels.

According to the article from Exxon Mobil:

  • Just 11% of vessels are now operating at the correct feed rate, down from 50% last year.
  • 51% of vessels have cat fines above OEM limits, a 19% increase on 2019.
  • Wear due to cold corrosion was evident in 19% of samples, a 4% annual increase.

Cat Fines

Your solution for detecting Cat Fines levels onboard: Our in-house developed and patented Cat Fines Tester can measure the Cat Fines content in samples with very high accuracy. The digital test provides a real PPM result as needed for the onboard operation.


Reduce costs during these trying times by adjusting the feed rate properly and get information about possible Cold Corrosion. Use CMT´s solutions to detect and quantify cylinder wear levels.


If you would like to get more information, please contact us to find out more about the quick and easy methods.

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