Ballast Water Test Kits

Emtying the ballast water tanks needs to meet certain standards


Protects ecosystems with controlled wastewater as required internationally.


Individual local restrictions can be meet with different test kit variants.


CMTs test kits provide tests for most of the common microorganisms.

Exchanging ballast water in a timely, efficient and safe manner is an important aspect of modern marine life, but it should always be monitored effectively. With CMT on your side, you can be sure that your vessels and offshore installations are operating properly.

A successful inspection will valid a 5 year certificate for the system. For a renewal or random inspections the ballast water system should be in line with the IMO Ballast Water Convention (2004).

The IMO Ballast Water Convention (2004) specifies three different standards:

  1.  The Ballast Water Exchange Standard specifies the exchange of ballast water at sea. Ships performing ballast-water exchange shall do so with an efficiency of 95% volumetric exchange of ballast water. The exchange procedure shall be carried out in an ‘open ocean condition’ at least 200 nautical miles from the nearest land and in waters at least 200 meters in depth. This can be monitored with each of the CMT Ballast Water Test Kit
  2. The Ballast Water Performance Standard cares about the performance of the system and specifies the maximum number of viable organism in the ballast water. 50 µm or above – less than 10 living organisms per cubic metre (1000 litres). 10 µm – 50 µm – less than 10 living organisms per millilitre.
  3. 3) The Ballast Water Health Standard defines limits for indicators which could cause health problems. It specifies the maximum number of Cholerae, E. coli and Enterococci bacteria as well as the total viable count of any bacteria in the ballast water. Total Bacteria less than 1000 CFU/100 ml E. coli less than 250 CFU/100 ml Enterococci less than 100 CFU/100 ml Vibrio Cholera (O1 & O139) Zero/100 ml

Ships are required to have an Ballast Water Management Plan and a Ballast Water Record Book. The Ballast Water Record Book is essential to prove compliance with the three Ballast Water Standards.

Test for E.Coli Bacteria, Enterococci Bacteria and Cholerae are included in the Ballast Water Test Kit I and in every other Test Kit.

The Ballast Water Test Kit II is additionally equipped with a Salinity Refractometer to measure salt in seawater and two zooplankton filter test. One test is for plankton starting at 10 µm and the second for plankton bigger than 50 µm.

The test for salt in seawater is also included in the Ballast Water Test Kit III. In this kit the zooplankton will not be measured with filters but with a digital handheld Fluorometer.

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  • E.Coli Bacteria
  • Enterococci Bacteria
  • Cholerae (O1 / O139)
  • HPC / TVC
  • Salinity
  • Viability of organism
    - 50 μm or above
    - 10 μm or above

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Ballast Water Test Kit I

Ballast Water Test Kit II
additionally to WTK-CT-80033:

Ballast Water Test Kit III
additionally to WTK-CT-80033:

Full refill of respective Test Kit

Ballast Water Consumables Pack 1

Ballast Water Consumables Pack 2

Ballast Water Consumables Pack 3

Options for residual Biocide Monitoring

Chlorine Dioxide Comparator (20)
Range: 0 - 6.65 ppm

Chlorine Comparator Test (20)
Range: 0 - 1.0 ppm

Ozone Comparator Test (20)
Range: 0 - 3.4 ppm

Peracetic Acid Drop Test (20)
Range: 0 - 20 ppm

Hydrogen Peroxide Comp. Test (20)
Range: 0 - 50 ppm