Consisting of a combination of oil sensors, the Oil Sensor box has been developed to offer real-time monitoring of oil on critical plant such as a wind turbine gearbox. The Sensor Box makes frequent inspections of remote oil and machine health a feasible option. The risk of sampling error is eliminated and data from the sensors can be streamed via any network system, allowing remote monitoring and increasingly effective maintenance planning. Designed for mounting into the lubrication system of a machine, the suite reports optional metallic particle, oil condition, moisture content of the oil or viscosity. The Sensor Suite is part of the CMT Thruster Monitor System.

Individual Oil Sensor Suites are installed local to each thruster measuring the following parameters:

  • Metallic Particle
  • Oil Condition
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Oil Temperature

Flow (yes / no)

Additional parameters are available on request.

Sensor Boxes are being provided including a pump to guarantee effective oil circulation.

Online Oil Sensors:

  • Ensure good lubricant condition.
  • Control contamination.
  • Control the wear rate to ensure longer service life.
  • Increase the surveillance level of the machine between oil samples.
  • Low cost of purchase and ownership.
  • Minimal annual servicing costs.
  • Minimal installation costs.