Marine Potable Water

Potable water is our most important nutrient and is used for both drinking and cooking.

Potable Water Test Kit

Potable water is our most important nutrient and is used for both drinking and cooking. The water being used for personal hygiene and all types of cleaning requires the same high quality. It is therefore important to have enough water of satisfactory quality to cover all types of usage.

The CMT Marine Potable Water Test Kits were developed to offer rigs and vessels the complete monitoring solutions for their water systems, with additional extras if required.

Potable Water Option

To allow full compliance with international regulations MLC (2006) and ILO 178 including local regulations like the Norwegian Drinking Water Regulations it is essential to do some additional testing not included in the CMT Potable Water Test Kits.

Those tests will be provided with options from CMT. It is also essential to have a proper record keeping which can be done with the CMT log book provided with the manual in the standard kit.

Legionella Option

Legionella is a bacteri which can cause a pneumonia-like disease called “Legionnaires’ Disease”. Infection occurs when the bacteria is inhaled from aerosols of contaminated water. Aerosols can be produced anywhere water is splashed or sprayed but some of the most common sources associated with Legionnaires’ Disease are showers.

Silver and Copper Ionisation

Water treatment systems that electrolytically generate copper and silver ions for the control of bacteria (including planktonic Legionella) in hot and cold water systems are becoming more and more common.

It is important that installers of ionisation systems take into consideration regulations on maximum allowable copper and silver levels (The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations), as well as local water quality.