Doing business in an environment which relies heavilyon the help of machinery to get the job done put high demands on the education of the employees seeing to the operation and maintenance.
Vessels, machines, plants and industrial sites are environments where a good education of the work force makes sure to protect your investment and is key for a flawless operation. Either make sure that your employees are properly trained in the use of a tool you have invested in or raise their level of knowledge about a specific topic both will make sure that your equipment life will be optimal, lowest maintenance cost levels are achieved and reliability is at a maximum.

We at CM Technologies GmbH understand that and are offering several training courses for fixed topics. However we also understand that the background of the participants can be very different and that each customer looking for a training may have unique requirements therefore we are able to offer customized trainings suited for the needs of the individual customers.

Trainings are being held at our facility or a nearby conference centre. Upon request trainings can be held on site at the customer facilities may they be a marine vessel, factory or office. Small groups ensure an efficient training so we usually limit the number of participants to a maximum of 8-12 persons. If you have a larger group you want to book a training for, contact us to discuss possibilities. Standard course duration is usually one working day, customized trainings may deviate.