Monitoring Insolubles & Soot in Engine Oil - Ensure your engine keeps running

Insolubles and soot are generally considered to be leftovers from the combustion process and oxidation products. Problems due to the contamination of the oil comes mainly from combustion products; ash, carbon and partially oxidised fuel, plus oil oxidation products and spent lubricant additive.

Insolubles and soot  

  •  Carbon from incomplete combustion of fuel and, to a lesser extent, lubricants
  •  Organic polymers from oxidation
  •  Sulphates from combustion of fuel oil sulphur and reaction with BN additives 
  •  Asphaltenes (mainly from engines using residual fuel oil) - a very dirty crank case is known as ‘Black Paint’ and associated with asphaltenes in the oil

Causes of a high insolubles and soot levels:

  •  Increased oil viscosity 
  •  Wear of bearings and running surfaces
  •  Blockage of oil ways and filters
  •  Fouling around the piston ring pack and piston top land

Insolubles and Soot Testing Products

Insolubles Test Meter - a self-contained Insolubles & Soot test kit containing the latest test-meter technology to provide excellent repeatability and rapid results in the field.

Insolubles Test Papers - providing a qualitative result when compared to a chart