Vibration Meter

Bearing problems are the most common cause for machine and plant damage. The identification of insufficient lubrication or a source for a bearing damage is no great matter and done in a few minutes.

Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter is a revolutionary instrument with a completely new design! The operation of the instrument is so easy that anybody can learn to use it very quickly. The instrument uses the colours green, yellow and red to display the status. Determination of individual machine or bearings defect types is done directly during operation, without a need to use a computer or software.

  • Machine condition monitoring system

  • Easy to understand, easy to use

  • Analysis according to the traffic light principle

Vibration Meter Marine

CMT´s goal is to provide the right solution for the job at hand and is proud to present the new version of the Vibration Meter specially made for the marine indutry. 

  • on the spot usabel results

  • can be used withaout any training

  • helps maintaining the vessels machinery

Vibration Meter Plus

The Vibration Meter Plus is a step further in the long term history of the Vibration Meter production at CMT.

It is the same instrument as the standard device but includes on top a memory and an USB connector for data transfer. The measured data can be stored in the device and transferred to a PC.

  • Can be used as data collector

  • Communicates with the DDS Software

  • FASIT Expert System

Vibration Meter Ex

The Vibration Meter is now also available in an Ex version. All basic vibrio diagnostic measurements are available.

  • ATEX certified

  • ATEX class II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb

  • All functions of the Vibration Meter Plus

Grease Meter

The Grease Meter is a maintenance tool used for monitoring and control of the lubrication process.
Application of the Grease Meter extends the bearing lifetime and saves lubricants. The Grease Meter can store the data and perform route measurements as well  

  • Increase bearing lifetime 

  • Avoids wasting lubricants

  • Basic vibrodiagnostics measurements


The build-in stroboscope inside the Vibration Meter represents the unique innovation in the handheld vibration equipment. A high intensity LED is being used.

Operation is very easy and intuitive. Two standard or rechargeable AA batteries are used for powering. The Stroboscope can be used also as a tachometer by connecting an external speed probe.

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