Vibration Monitor Compact

The compact size allows easy application for 4 to 16 sensor inputs with wireless data transmission.


Optional WLAN for data transmission / external analysis

Sensor amount

The number of sensors can be added individually in steps of 4 (max. 16).


An adaptive algorithm saves the data in a space-saving but lossless manner.

The A3800 Vibration Monitor Compact is a 4 to 16 channel on-line monitoring and diagnostic system. The compact size enables it to be placed directly on the DIN rail in a switchboard. The unit has an optional number of AC and DC input channels - 4, 8, 12 or 16. AC and DC channels are separate. This means that the 4-channel configuration allows you to connect 4 AC and 4 DC channels. Depending on the number of active input channels, it uses 1 - 4 independent TACHO inputs.

The number of active channels can be extended by purchasing additional licenses. Each group of 4 channels allows fully simultaneous measurements. Groups of 4 input channels are switched via an internal multiplexer. The Vibration Monitor Compact is available with an optional WiFi module.


Product info

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Your Benefits

  • Greatly increased repeatability and accuracy (+/- 20 ppm) Differentiation between corrosive and abrasive iron
  • No soot dependence of the test
    allows for most reliable results
  • Fastest onsite wet chemistry test
  • Intuitive usage due to touch screen functionality
  • Large memory for storing data
  • Easy trending thanks to a high solution graphic display
  • Simple USB data transfer to a PC
  • No hazardous chemicals involved

Ordering Information

Vibration Monitor Compact
4 channel synchronous measurement extendable to 4x4 channel multiplex

Vibration Monitor Compact WiFi Module
WiFi Standard 802.11b/g/n

Vibration Monitor Compact License
(licence for additional 4 channels)

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