Vibration Analyser VA3

Professionelles Tool for Vibration analyse  with 2 channels and varoius Measurementmodes

2 Channels

Messungen auf zwei Kanälen gleichzeitig erhöhen die Flexibilität bei Fehlerdiagnosen.


Das VA3 wurde mit spezifischen Messmodi entwicklet für eine perfekte Abstimmung auf das Anwendungsgebiet.

Color Scale

Es wird kein Computer für die Analyse benötigt. Die Firmware des Gerätes zeigt per Ampelsystem sofort den Zustand.

CMT Vibration Analyser VA3Pro is a professional and robust 2 channel Vibration Analyser equipped with 2 signal inputs plus 1 tacho / trigger input to measure the speed / rpm. The second signal input offers connectivity to a triaxial sensor allowing to measure all 3 channels simultaneously.

The simple to understand expert system can automatically detect machine faults such as unbalance, looseness, misalignment or bearing faults. There is a non-contact IR temperature sensor allowing immediate bearing temperature measurement as well as a LED light which can be used as stroboscope or torch.

The Vibration Meter VA3Pro has been designed for one-handed operation. With a weight of just 780 g and a battery live time of more than 10 hours of operation, the device is suitable for long route measurement.
The Vibration Meter VA3Pro can be configured according your requirements by choosing optional modules.

Optional modules can be purchased at a later stage and downloaded to the instrument without the need of sending the unit back to our factory


The following measurements are possible with the vibration analyzer VA3Pro:

  • Velocity / Acceleration 30-60.000 rpm
  • Time Signal max 25.600 Hz (65.000 sampling)
  • FFT Spectrum
  • Amplitude and phase values on speed frequency
  • Order analysis
  • Data Collector (Route measurements)
  • FASIT - Fault Source Identification Tool
  • Analogue osciloscope
  • Orbit viewing


  • Expert System “FASIT” - Fault Source Identification Tools 
  • FFT spectrum with 25,600 lines
  • 3 AC/DC + tacho channel Stroboscope / Torch 
  • IR Temperature Sensor 
  • USB connection for data transfer 
  • Colour display 240 x 320 
  • Route Memory 8 GB

Some examples of the different Modes


- Overall Vibration Values (RMS, 0-PEAK)
- FFT Spektrum
- Time Signal
- Frequency Bands
- Displacement
- Temperature


Switch on the stroboscope to visually "freeze" the machine movement and check its rotating parts. Speed of the machine can also be detected.

FASIT - Expert System

FASIT allows immediate assessment of the overall vibration severity according to ISO10816-3 and identification of Bearing fault, Unbalance, Misalignment, Looseness using a colour scale


Balancer allows you to perfome one or two plane balancing job of rotating parts such as industrial fans, blowers, spindles ect.


Select the type of measurement (from simple overall values through FFTs and time signals to more advanced measurements with Proximity brobes such as orbits), set up the measurement settings according to your requirements (frequency range, sampling, units etc.) and take all the predefined measurements simultaneously (up to 3 channels)

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Vibration Analyser VA3Pro
(Including one acceleration sensor and a case)

Silicone Protection Cover for VA3Pro

Optionale Test Modi:

Analyser Mode

Route Mode

Balancer Mode

Rekorder Mode

Run-Up Mode



Laser Tacho Probe