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Run the animation on site


Visualize machinery motion by amplifying vibration signal for better assistance in 


Start the animation directly on Vibration Analyzer to troubleshoot on site


A free version is available to get an impression of the capabilities and power this software beholds.

The Animated Deflection Shapes ADS Software is based on the method of operating deflection shapes. This means that we visualize the vibrations of the machine by animation. During the animation the vibration movement is slowed down to very low frequency and the amplitude of the motion is increased so we can see the vibration.

It is a combination of vibration measurement and software processing. The output of the method is vibration movement animation on one forcing frequency or on multiple forcing frequencies.

The output of the method is easily understandable for everybody.

Sometimes it is difficult to detect a machine defect from FFT or time wave patterns. To confirm or discover machine fault we can use Operating Deflections Shapes measurement method which simply visualize machine movement. Create a machine structure according to the real look of the machine in ADS software, perform necessary measurement and start the animation.

The ADS can work with any vibration analyzer which can measure amplitude and phase or has the FRF measurement possibility. But ideally you would like to use it with Adash VA5Pro or VA4Pro where you can run the animation directly on the device!


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Your Benefits

  • Greatly increased repeatability and accuracy (+/- 20 ppm) Differentiation between corrosive and abrasive iron
  • No soot dependence of the test
    allows for most reliable results
  • Fastest onsite wet chemistry test
  • Intuitive usage due to touch screen functionality
  • Large memory for storing data
  • Easy trending thanks to a high solution graphic display
  • Simple USB data transfer to a PC
  • No hazardous chemicals involved

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IB-CT-50033 ADS
Animated Deflection Shapes Software

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