PREMET® Fleet Manager

All the options of the PREMET® Viewer in one fleet-optimized software for offshore analysis

Range of functions

All functions of the PREMET Viewer are also available in the Fleet Manager and enable a comprehensive analysis.


By comparing different sister engines, it is even easier to determine the optimal performance of the engines.

Off shore

With the exchange of measurement data, the fleet can be analyzed and managed from the office.

The Fleetmanager was developed for the management of entire fleets. The functions are similar to the cloud. In this way, all data from the office can be analyzed. Several ships can be compared so easily. The analysis can be carried out by one person, so that not every ship has to provide personnel for the evaluation.

Data analysis
The data analysis takes place in the usual PREMET style. All data are presented in simple, clear graphs, but also give the user the opportunity for individualization. The PREMET softwares have been developed with most of the parameters to be analyzed. In this way, the measurement data can be optimally evaluated and the user does not miss any information that could indicate problems.
As the only software on the market, the maximum pressure can be measured, the loading and unloading curve of the combustion process and the time of ignition is also calculated.

With the PREMET Fleet Manager includes ready-made reports that only need to be filled out with measurement data and effects/changes. In this way, improvements can be made quickly and everything is properly noted and comprehensible.

Data transmission
In comparison to the PREMET cloud, the data still has to be sent to the office manually. The analysis reports and related changes to the engine settings also have to be sent to the crew manually.


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  • Functions of the PREMET Viewer
  • Management of multiple ships
  • Comparison of sister machines

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PREMET® Fleet Manager

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